среда, 9 октября 2013 г.

VA Behind-the-scenes (full)

It's here!
The behind the scenes exclusive aired some hours ago and I'm posting this as soon as possible (I did have to go to work, so...)

The exclusive was really nice and you don't need me telling you things that I liked. You can figure that out on your own, right? I'd better concentrate on the bits of the movie scenes and sets we got to see (and to which you probably didn't pay much attention, being too concentrated on what the actors were saying - I know I didn't see anything the first time around. Or the second, for that matter!)

Okay, let's roll!

воскресенье, 6 октября 2013 г.

VA behind the scenes


On October 8 ET is going to air an exclusive behind the scenes footage from the set of Vampire academy movie. The promo just hit the web and it looks beyond amazing! We get to see Rose (Zoey Deutch) somewhere in school and then the sneek peak of the epic fight between Rose and Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) when they first meet. Let's talk about the fight, shall we?

За кадром АВ

Канал ET собирается порадовать всех фанатов АВ в понедельник эксклюзивным видео со съемок долгожданного первого фильма! Сегодня в сети появился коротенький тизер-анонс программы, в котором можно увидеть две новых коротеньких сцены - Роза  (Зои Дойч) в школе и драка Розы и Дмитрия (Данила Козловский). Собственно, о драке и поговорим.