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VA behind the scenes


On October 8 ET is going to air an exclusive behind the scenes footage from the set of Vampire academy movie. The promo just hit the web and it looks beyond amazing! We get to see Rose (Zoey Deutch) somewhere in school and then the sneek peak of the epic fight between Rose and Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) when they first meet. Let's talk about the fight, shall we?

I think we all agree that the fight scene is taken from the part when Rose and Dimka first meet, that is when Dimitri tracks the girls down to get them back to the Academy. Let's look at the quotes.
Rose's POV:
Panicked and not entirely in control of my higher reasoning, I acted out of instinct. I pressed up to Lissa, keeping her behind me and away from the man who appeared to be the leader.
"Leave her alone," I growled. "Don't touch her."
His face was unreadable, but he held out his hands in what was apparently supposed to be some sort of calming gesture, like I was a rabid animal he was planning to sedate.
"I'm not going to - "
He took a step forward. Too close.
I attacked him, leaping out in an offensive maneuver I hadn't used in two years, not since Lissa and I had run away. The move was stupid, another reaction born of instinct and fear. And it was hopeless. He was a skilled guardian, not a novice who hadn't finished his training. He also wasn't weak and on the verge of passing out.
And man, was he fast. I'd forgotten how fast guardians could be, how they could move and strike like cobras. He knocked me off as though brushing away a fly, and his hands slammed into me and sent me backwards. I don't think he meant to strike that hard - probably just intended to keep me away - but my lack of coordination interfered with my ability to respond. Unable to catch my footing, I started to fall, heading straight toward the sidewalk at a twisted angle, hip-first.
It was going to hurt. A lot.
Only it didn't.
Just as quickly as he'd blocked me, the man reached out and caught my arm, keeping me upright.

Dimitri's POV:
I didn’t want to fight her and held out my hands in a placating gesture as I took a step forward.  “I’m not going to—”

She attacked.

I saw it coming and wasn’t surprised by the action itself so much as that she’d even try it with the odds stacked against her.  Should I have been surprised?  Probably not.  As I’d observed, it was clear that Rose was willing to do anything and fight anyone to protect her friend.  I admired that—I admired that a lot—but it didn’t stop me from striking out to block her.  The princess was still my goal tonight.  And although Rose might have passion and defiance, her attack was clumsy and easy to deflect.  She’d been gone too long from formal training.  She recovered badly and started to fall, and I remembered how she’d stumbled earlier.  Out of instinct, I reached out and caught her before she could hit the ground, keeping her steady on her feet.  That long, marvelous hair fell away from her face, revealing two bloody marks on the side of her neck.  Another surprise—but it explained her fatigue and pale complexion.  Apparently her devotion to the princess went beyond just defense.  Noticing my scrutiny, Rose knocked some of her tangled hair forward to cover her neck.

Despite the hopelessness of her situation, I could see her lithe body preparing for another attack.  I tensed in response, even though I didn’t want this brave, beautiful, and wild girl to be my enemy.  I wanted her as…what?  I wasn’t sure.  Something more than an outmatched scuffle on a Portland street.  There was too much potential here.  This girl could be unstoppable if her talents were properly cultivated.  I wanted to help her.
But I would fight her if I had to.

In the promo we see Rose running towards Dimitri, clearly planning to attack him and knock him out unconcious so that Lissa and she could escape (oh my sweet naive Rose!). Dimka just casually puts out his arm - and bam! - Rose is flying away (he is so much like Chuck Norris in this scene!). But surely he can't let a beautiful girl hit the ground (and besides, I'm pretty sure  he was ordered to get the girls back to school, not injure them), so he catches Rose in his arms. And all the fans go "Awwwwwwwwwwww!" and start picking baby names (and yes, I remember that a dhampir couple can't have a baby. They'll adopt or whatever, alright? Don't ruin my dreams here!)
It's also clear that the film makers altered the scene of the meeting by adding some action and dramatic elements. We've got a very bad-ass running, and punching, and flying as well as a damn cute and romantic part where Dimka holds Rose in his arms. Add cool epic music, get rid of the ropes holding Zoey up in the air - and you have a mind-blowing scene in the very beginning of the movie!
I really want to know, though, where Lissa is. In the book she was right next to Rose all the time, but we haven't seen here in this scene either in the teaser, or in this promo. I wonder how Lissa fits in the first Romitri meeting in the movie! I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The exclusive airs on the 8th of October. I'll try to post the analysis of any new footage shown in the program as soon as possible!

*now I'm off to fangirl*

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