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VA Behind-the-scenes (full)

It's here!
The behind the scenes exclusive aired some hours ago and I'm posting this as soon as possible (I did have to go to work, so...)

The exclusive was really nice and you don't need me telling you things that I liked. You can figure that out on your own, right? I'd better concentrate on the bits of the movie scenes and sets we got to see (and to which you probably didn't pay much attention, being too concentrated on what the actors were saying - I know I didn't see anything the first time around. Or the second, for that matter!)

Okay, let's roll!

(BTS promo thoughts)

1. I don't really need a Rememrall.

Remember Richelle saying something about all the amazing reminders on the walls telling to be quiet in the library and the like? The exclusive has a handful of these notes.

Besides, we see that each classroom has a sign with the name of the subject and (probably) the topic they're discussing.
We see the girls near Moroi culture classroom.
Seems like they're going to discuss:
A. Moroi & Dhampir
B Traditions
C. Folklore
D. Mythology
E. (???_Culture_???)

 And one more note, though I can't really see what's written on it. Besides, the red circle on you right might also be some kind of a banner, maybe?

2. I see you, camera man!

Either everyone on the crew had the same T-shirt, or I spot the same camera man :)

(I'm not a secret stalker, I swear!)

3. What's with the scarf?

There's something weird going on in the movie. The Moroi girls for some unknown reason are wearing scarves. We see Lissa with a read one, Mia with a purple-ish and Camille with a greenish.

Maybe that's to show they are an elite group and that's how they stand out in a crowd? Quite possible, considering that Natalie doesn't wear such a scarf (and we know that she doesn't actually hang out with the 'cool kids' unlike Lissa, particularly later in the book).

4. Hashtag - Agony of feet

The shoes are definitely different, but I guess it makes sense - try doing the same scene dozens of times in high heels.

5. ROSE!!!

Have I told you how much I like Zoey as Rose? She is hilarious! Just look at her :)

And what about this one? Just look at her face! At the top you see the mic, so they are filming a scene! She has this impression while IN CHARACTER. That's so much like Rose! Love it! :)

And the stunts she does are amazing!
(These pics should be the opening scene before she meets Dimitri - she seems to be fighting one of the guardians)

That's all. For now.
BUT... wait.
MTV has some treat for us as well. They are going to show their BTS exclusive on Thursday (US time) which I guess will have some more cool stuff. So probably I'll see you on Friday with any thoughts and ideas I'll get after MTV's BTS. Sounds good?
'K, bye then!


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