среда, 4 декабря 2013 г.

VA Stills (Dec 4) Theories

I mean... can you believe we've got a bunch of new stills today? How cool is that?
Here are some things that I've noticed (and then my imagination started running wild, so feel free to stop reading at any point)

There was also a still with the students greeting the Queen where we can spot a few familiar Moroi faces - Mia, Jesse (he's not amused), Aaron, Camille and Bruno (who's Mia's friend).

And what's the deal with the scarves? We see different girls randomly donning them here and there. The only thing they have in common so far is that they all are Moroi.

And! One more supercute observation. CHILDREN in the front row! Can it get any better?

Okay, I think that's all for now.
Talk to you soon!

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