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Christmas VA stills overview

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!

To add to your holiday cheer, I’ve got an extensive overview of the new VA stills which were – I guess – our early Christmas present from the creators of the movie! (I hope they drop something else equally delicious, but if no… hey, those ~20 stills made me pretty happy anyway!)

For the purpose of being comprehensive and persuasive, I used not only the recently released images but the old ones as well.

Let’s get started then.
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 And the first one up is this image.

Most of you’ve already guessed that it’s the same scene at the security center as the one in the still below.

The pattern on the wall behind Rose and Dimitri corresponds with the pattern to the left of the platform, so it’s safe to say that the guardians are standing in front of the screens on the left. The reason for their being there is not clear so far – according to the book the first time Rose comes to the security center is when she goes to see Victor. So this one might be a kind of educational trip. Or Dimitri needs to check the security camera footage and Rose just tags along. Notice that Rose’s wearing the same outfit you can see in the following pictures from the theatrical trailer.

Can it be the strigoi attack near the front gate that we’ve seen in the trailer? This’ll explain why the ladies are running as if all hell broke loose and why Dimitri goes to the security center.

Here’s one more image that got me thinking

First of all, look at the arrow pointing at the blue thingy behind Dimka. Does it ring a bell?
And now?

It’s a medical looking room – either the school clinic or a feeding area (the background of this pic below resembles one of a hospital ward).

We do know that in the movie Lissa will visit the clinic at some point – Mia said so at the dance. Besides, we are definitely getting the ankle scene with Rose.

In the book there’s a quote which perfectly describes the still with Dimka and Kirova.

(After Lissa finds the note telling her to leave and cuts herself in the bathroom)

"I'm getting Ellen." It took me a second to remember that was Kirova's first name.
"Tell her we'll be at the clinic," said Dimitri. When she left, he turned to Lissa. "You should lie down."
When she didn't move, I linked my arm through hers. "Come on, Liss. Let's get you out of here."
Slowly, she put one foot in front of the other and let us lead her to the Academy's medical clinic. It was normally staffed by a couple of doctors, but at this time of night, only a nurse stayed on duty. She offered to wake one of the doctors, but Dimitri declined. "She just needs to rest."
Lissa had no sooner stretched out on a narrow bed than Kirova and a few others showed up and started questioning her.
I thrust myself in front of them, blocking her. "Leave her alone! Can't you see she doesn't want to talk about it? Let her get some sleep first!"
"Miss Hathaway," declared Kirova, "you're out of line as usual. I don't even know what you're doing here."
Dimitri asked if he could speak with her privately and led her into the hall. I heard angry whispers from her, calm and firm ones from him. When they returned, she said stiffly, "You may stay with her for a little while. We'll have janitors do further cleaning and investigation in the bathroom and your room, Miss Dragomir, and then discuss the situation in detail in the morning."

(Look at the pattern of Kirova’s dress – it’s framed blue)

Next up is this set of images.

(Remember the lady near the arrow)

And we go back to the dress. The pattern is the same as in the picture from the clinic. The earrings seem to be different, but never mind (I’ve got a conspiracy theory going on here, so don’t ruin it!)

We might assume that the meeting happens around the time of the clinic scene. It might also take place before/after the security center trip (based on Rose’s outfit). Pay your attention to the fact that the meeting happens during the day (which is night for the academy). It fits both strigoi attack and Lissa being taken to the clinic versions.

Keeping in mind the lady from the meeting, let’s take a look at these pictures.

Several things that are of interest to us:

- Queen’s mantle is deep red, Lissa’s wearing her uniform.

- the tiara,

- the scepter.

Here’s the same scene from different angles.

(On the right you can clearly see the moroi and dhampir children – total adorbz))))

Now look at this.

The mantle is purple, Lissa’s in a dress, and the tiara is different. Plus the lady in the background vaguely resembles the woman from Kirova’s meeting. So… I’ve already said that once, but still… it seems very likely that Queen visits the school twice during the movie.

Here’s a screenshot of Lucy wearing the same dress while talking to MTV people.

Now… do you want to see some Romitri? I thought so.

In the distance you can see the Academy. I suppose in the pic below the woods in the background is where they train.

Here we have the stills from a party (most probably the one that happened two years ago, right before the girls escaped.)

We’ve also got some pictures from the church.

After the explosion.

There are also some pictures of Rose talking to Christian, and Natalie’s here as well (so it happens before the dance – you all know why.)

We can say that this happens on a different day that the explosion as Rose’s wearing a jacket with short sleeves while during the explosion she’s got a long-sleeved jacket and a dress.

You can also spot a picture of Liss in that dress with pearl collar – it should fit the timeline of the second Queen’s visit.

Here’s more Rose and Christian for you (I know you love them).

Seems like the two pictures belong to the scene with the joke about mood swings from the trailer.

Christian’s reading a book with the pictures which remind me of the drawings in old Slavic books.

Probably these is their attempt to dig up something about St. Vladimir. We know that the research in the movie’s going to be more active than in the book. So why not Rose and Christian hanging out at the library together and exchanging snarky comments? Its totally fine with me.

(While you are wrapping you heads around the bulk of info I dumped onto you, here’s a self-criticizing moment. It’ll probably make you feel much better about yourself. 

It was just two days ago that I’ve realized that this 

takes place after the girls are brought back to the Academy. They are taken to Kirova’s office and kept waiting. And then the headmistress makes her grand (and rather intimidating) appearance.

So if you thought I were attentive, try again!)

Now off to some action scenes.

That’s Lissa escaping fromVictor’s cabin.

She’s barefoot, in her dance dress and is chased by psi-hounds. (I always forget the right spelling of these creatures, sorry!) Notice the two cars in the back.

Now look at these pictures.

The last one has the two cars we’ve seen in the episode with the hounds. So Lissa escapes, Victor sends the hounds to chase her. She gets to the hilltop and there’s a helicopter landing. I’d say it was sent by the Academy (I can see why Kirova would buy a pink chopper – she’s that glamorous y’all.)

Then Rose appears.

Hounds are closing in and Christian steps in.

Then there’s this.

And this.

Do they see Dimka chasing the hounds? I’d love that.

Now some random ideas.

1. Natalie.

There’s the same phrase in the background (If you stay…)

2. Lissa at school.

Heres Lissas first day at school.

3. Lissa at the mall.

The coat seems to be the same.

There’s more.

This must be the escape from the school. They are in the car trunk. Lissa’s wearing a fancy dress – in the book the girls ran off on the day when Queen was visiting and Lissa attended the reception. Rose was grounded for thrashing some moroi’s room after the party we’ve seen in the stills earlier.

The scene from which the next picture is taken took me long enough to figure out.

The only idea I have is that this is Rose sitting somewhere after the confrontation with Mia at the dance. She’s in her dress and wearing the necklace. The importance of this scene is in the fact that Rose’s witnessing the kidnapping through the bond, and then the lust charm kicks in.

And the final thing I’ll tell you about is the one that should’ve been mentioned when I was talking about the trailer – these two pictures belong to the same scene.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say today. Hope you found something interesting in this post and consider you time well-spent. Be sure to leave a comment here or on twitter telling me about you ideas!

Talk to you soon!


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