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VA Theatrical Trailer - Spotting Details


The first theatrical Vampire Academy trailer is finally here so we can swoon over it 24/7 (and honestly, that's what I've been doing for the past 10 hours - whale noises, dopey smiling and giggling, clapping hands like a seal)
(Yeah, exactly like this. Non-stop.)

But it didn't stop me from noticing some interesting stuff in the trailer - and that's exactly what we'll talk about today.

This post will have screenshots from the new trailer as well as from behind-the-scenes interviews done by MTV and ET. You can read my initial thoughts on ET interviews here:

Well, let's get started!

Here's a crazy idea to start off with!

I might be imagining things but the girls have a photo on their fridge door and to me the child looks vaguely like baby Zoey. See for yourselves (thanks to super-cool mum Lea Thompson for sharing the picture to your right via twitter on Zoey's B-day)

And now to the parts that I can actually somehow prove :)

1. The meeting
The new trailer shows us more details about THE meeting, such as the answer to the question Where the hell is Lissa during this goddamn attempt to flee the guardians?

Besides, we now see where Rose's got the motorbike handle she uses later to fight the guardian.We also can establish the chronology on the initial events.
The explosion of the bike

Rose acquires the handle

Rose uses the handle to fight the guardian

Dimitri comes in passing the turn from which Rose and Lissa appeared earlier

 And then I'd say we'll have the epic Rose-flying-into-Dimka's-arms sequence (hope it makes its way into the movie!).

2. Getting back to Hogwarts... ummm, sorry, wrong fandom... I mean, to the Academy!

We see Lissa with Oscar and a guardian (remarkably not Dimka) to our right. They are in the car going to the Academy.

Notice the button on the guardian's uniform
And more buttons on the uniforms when the whole crew is back to school.

(Seriously, there are so many guardians. You'd think the girls are wanted criminals. Which they kinda are. At least Rose is...)

Now, we've also got the extention of the scene in Kirova's office with more out-of-this-world dialogue.

We now know that Dimka's there, and Kirova's baring her teeth at Rose in the arrival part (yay me for guessing that in the teaser analysis!). Besides we see that Lissa and Viktor are here as well.

Lissa and Viktor seem to be sitting near the fireplace while Rose sits in front of Kirova's desk.

3. Mia being a b--ch

In one of the interviews someone told about the scene with a drinking fountain when Lissa gets water in the face. This screenshot seems to be taken from that scene.

See water dripping from her chin? It's gone in an instant.

4. Training

Oh, this is a nice one. Didn't you just love seeing this outdoor training snippet? A few things to pay attention to here.

To me it looks like Rose is struggling with climbing up the rope while Dimitri goes by inspecting the progress of the guardians-in-training.

One more interesting thing in this scene. I'll bet my hat that we partially witness the way the bond will be shown. Rose's eyes become golden and come back to her usual brown when the coach hits her with a ball snapping her out of Lissa's head.

As for indoor training, we know that somewhere in the gallery Dimka's watching Rose fighting Mason and that second guy. Besides, we see that they are training with wooden things that supposedly represent stakes.

5. Church

I was at first very confused about this building everyone's heading to. Then it dawned upon me that it must be the church - the students are in their casual clothing and where else could they all go like this?

Hard to tell whether the footage from the church we've seen in the trailer makes up one event or two different sermons.

In this one we see Dimitri (to the left) and Viktor (to the right) as well as lots of students. Based on these ones:

the moroi are sitting in one part of the church with dhampir students in another:

Look at the 2nd pic of this section once again. See the girl to the left of dhampir arrow? She seems to be the same girl who's sitting behind Rose in the pic above.

They hear the explosion and rush to the site of it. But wait...

Remember this screenshot from BTS?

It must be happening before the sermon - the girls are wearing the outfits we spot in the above pics. See the arrow? The niche behind the trio is some kind of altar or commemorative plate to the Dragomir family. Need proof? Here you go.

It's this plate that's been vandalized. If you look really closely you'll see the words initially written on the wall:

Royal House of Dragomir
in loving memory

(names of Lissa's parents and brother)

departed the life together
November (10 or 16?) 2012(2013?) - (can't quite make this one out ): )

We've got a guardian nearby, as well as Lissa. She's the first to come here. She's followed by Dimka.

Then Alberta and Dimitri take her away (I think you can see a bit of Alberta's head just to the left of Lissa's).
Rose and Mason are next to come into view. I believe Rose is looking in the direction the guardians are taking the princess.

Finally there's a scene with Rose talking to Kirova after the explosion - we've got a cross on the wall and the red-golden top of Dragomir niche to your very right.

6. Dance

While the girls are getting ready we likely spot the red box where the necklace came from and a funny cat head.

At the dance we finally see evidence that Rose's dress in STRAPLESS!

We also can notice the guradian who's likely to take Rose back to her room.

7. Kidnapping and strigoi

Shall we start with the scarier part? Strigoi do look creepy! Just take a good look at these glowing red eyes! And there are so many of these repulsive monsters! Poor moroi!

The trailer shows us the psy-hounds, though there's some inconsistency I've spotted. When Lissa encounters them, their eyes glow blue.

But when we see them with Dimka, the eyes are red. Anyone care to explain? Male and female? Attacking and fleeing mode?

We also have a good look at Christian shooting fire from his hands (that's probably the part when he tries to fight off the hounds). I'd also say that Christian (or rather his knee) is present in this pic:

The helicopter pilot is dead (probably), Christian passed out after the fire accident, Dimitri's chasing the remaining hounds and shoots them, and then Lissa's healing Christian. That's how I see this scene unraveling.

8. Banners

Interestingly enough there are these banners we can see in the great hall during Queen's visit and then in the hallway where Rose and Dimka are talking.

And the great hall also has the symbol the students wear on their uniforms.

Have you noticed some other surprising details? Let me know!


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