суббота, 17 августа 2013 г.

Vampire academy: trailer vs book 1 | Chapters 1-5

So it's been literally ages since I read the 1st VA book. Actually, I read it only once, back in 2009 which seems like a million years ago. By now I remember only a couple of major plot points, which is kind of great as I've decided to re-read the 1st installment of the series. This decision was brewing inside of me for quite some time, and the teaser trailer was the last drop. I couldn't wait any longer.

There were some negative reactions to the teaser and that was one more reason to read VA again to see how true to the book the teaser (and that's merely 1 minute of hundreds of hours of footage) was. I managed to read 5 chapters yesterday and would like to give you some thoughts on what I've loved, what scenes we've seen in the teaser and establish some chronology of the parts of the teaser.

(Some quotes from the book and photos from the teaser are to follow.
BE WARNED: Beyond this point there may or may not be A LOT of fangirling involved)

So... here we go.