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Vampire Academy: trailer vs book analysis | Chapters 16-19

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In Ch 16 we learn that Aaron broke up with Mia and got back together with Lissa, but she doesn’t like him that much. Mia feels devastated and the only person feeling worse is Christian.

Rose is still worried because of Lissa’s powers so she goes to Ms. Carmack, the teacher of elemental basics. Rose asks which element St.Vladimimir controlled and it turns out he didn’t have a specialization. Rose wonders whether a moroi can control more than one element, but Ms. Carmack says that then he or she would have too much power which would drive the person insane. Then Rose asks about Sonya who also had no specialization and could wield all four elements on a basic level.

Rose tries to figure out what unites Lissa and these other two. Fearing for Lissa’s sanity, Rose begs her to stop project Brainwash and get back to hanging out with Natalie and her friends. Lissa tells Rose that she can’t because if she does all those rumors about Rose will resurface. Rose compares Sonya and Lissa saying that both of them can heal and use compulsion against dhampir, moroi or human. They both and Vladimir have no specialization. Lissa is at a loss.

"I don't know what's crazier: what you're actually telling me or the fact that you actually read something to find all this out."
I grinned, relieved that she'd actually mustered a joke. "Hey, I know how to read too."
"I know you do. I also know it took you a year to read The Da Vinci Code."

It appears that Lissa hangs out with royal moroi because she thinks that being the last Dragomir she has to do this. Rose points out that if this is what their royal system requires, then it has to be changed.

 To please her friend Lissa promises not to use compulsion or healing. Rose also asks her to dump Aaron as Lissa obviously isn’t in love with him. The princess asks if there is anyone special in Rose’s life. Not to answer this question Rose mentions that Christian is okay. Lissa says that he stopped talking to her for no good reason. But Rose still insists that Christian IS interesting despite all his flaws.

Rose realizes that keeping Christian away from Lissa was a mistake. Luckily, she sees Ozera in the schoolyard and thanks him for the books.

"Thanks for the books." He didn't say anything. "The ones you gave to Mason."
"Oh, I thought you meant the other books."
Smartass. "Aren't you going to ask what they were for?"
"Your business. Just figured you were bored being suspended."
"I'd have to be pretty bored for that."

(Oh, Rose… You don’t have to be bored to read a book. But… I guess between protecting lives, training to become a guardian and killing undead creatures you don’t have time or energy to enjoy a good novel. That’s just sad, you know.)

Rose wants Christian to hang out with Lissa again and she acknowledges that it was her who didn’t like these two being friends, not Lissa. Christian says that it doesn’t matter because Lissa acts like a princess now. Rose points out that Ozeras are royal as well, but Christian says that his parents being strigoi outweighs being of royal descent. Rose also understands why Lissa was so drawn to Christian – they both saw the death of their families.

Christian tells that after his parents turned strigoi he lived with his aunt Tasha. Once his parents came to his aunt’s place and wanted to take him with them to make him a strigoi when he was older. Tasha put a fight and was badly hurt. And then the guardians came and killed Christian’s mum and dad.

He says that Lissa clearly needs help – he noticed her using compulsion and her cut wrists.

"I know there's something funny going on with her. And I'm not even talking about the wrist thing."
I jumped. "Did she tell you?..." Why not? She'd told him everything else.
"She didn't need to," he said. "I've got eyes."

But he can’t help and recommends to go to someone who has some power and authority. Like Kirova. Oryour guardian guy”.

"Lissa wouldn't like that." I considered. "Neither would I."
"Yeah, well, we all have to do things we don't like. That's life."
My snarky switch flipped on. "What are you, an after-school special?"
A ghostly smile flickered across his face. "If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around."
"Funny, I feel that way about you too." 
            1) Please keep the underlined lines in the movie!
       2) That’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship right here. Just wait and see. They both love Lisa so much and would do anything for her.

Ch 17 starts with Viktor taking Natalie dress-shopping. He lets her invite two other girls and Natalie chooses Lissa and Camille, and Lissa insists on Rose going with them. Viktor and Dimitri try to persuade Kirova to let Rose go. Rose is surprised by Dimka’s involvement bur Lissa says that he’s also coming as her official guardian.

Camille gave Lissa shoes which she wants to show Rose, but when she opens her backpack there’s a dead bird in there. Lissa tries to heal it but Rose stops her. While Lissa talks to Natalie who happened to be close by, Rose thinks about all these dead animals.

What if someone kept doing this not to scare her, but to see if she'd heal again?

Some great thinking, Rose. I knew you were smart!

(BTW, let’s talk about these dead animals again. Last time I said that moviemakers could exclude mentioning them, but now having read the book till the end I’m really unsure what would be best. Sure, seeing corpses of animals or birds is disturbing and disgusting, but at the same time if they don’t include at least one episode with a corpse, we face losing a significant part of Viktor’s explanation an the end. Besides, there’s one more problem to it – the movie people want to make the adaptation available to as wide age range as possible. Having kissing scenes, blood drinking and killing people (well, strigoi) would probably mean PG rating. As for lust scene, I’m not sure how much will be shown. So based on that scene we might have PG-13 (last Twilight movie was rated that). So I’m hoping they find the golden mean).

Anyway… Kirova allows Rose to come as it will be a great training exercise. Thanks to photo-updates from set we know that they filled at a mall in London, so the shopping part will definitely be in the movie.

On the way to the mall we are introduced to Viktor’s guardians – Ben and Spiridon.
Thanks to casting lists we know that they have an actor portraying Spiridon, so… YAY! And the guy, Ben Peel, is awesome! I’ve seen him in a series called The Fall (starring Jillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan (Sheriff/Hunter from OUAT)), and I really liked his acting. Besides, he’s kinda cute.

Rose mentions that Spiridon is Dimitri’s age but has a more casual attitude. She also points out that Lissa being a princess should have two guardians accompanying her. Spiridon says that Lissa already has Dimitri and that Rose has a lot of potential to become Lissa’s second guardian. And that’s why she’s coming with them today.

" You're going to be Dimitri's partner."
A moment of funny silence fell, probably not noticeable to anyone except Dimitri and me. Our eyes met.
"Guarding partner," Dimitri clarified unnecessarily, like maybe he too had been thinking of other kinds of partners.
"Yup," agreed Spiridon.

 We’re also told that Rose, unlike other guardians in the car, has neither a gun nor a silver stake. Dimka explains that she’s not ready for a stake yet. He clarifies that she needs to be ready to kill a strigoi – not only physically because the strigoi might be someone she knew. Here happens an EXTREMELY important conversation which plays a crucial role in future books.

“You have to let go of attachments and do what's right. If they have any grain of their former selves left, they'll probably be grateful."
"Grateful for me killing them?"
"If someone turned you into a Strigoi, what would you want?" he asked.
I didn't know how to answer that, so I said nothing. Never taking his eyes off me, he kept pushing.
"What would you want if you knew you were going to be converted into a Strigoi against your will? If you knew you would lose all sense of your old morals and understanding of what's right and wrong? If you knew you'd live the rest of your life - your immortal life - killing innocent people?
What would you want?"
“If I became Strigoi...I'd want someone to kill me."
"So would I," he said quietly.

We clearly see the position both take on the being-turned-into-strigoi issue. Rose also understands that she and Dimka have similar attitude toward their job, they get the responsibilities they take upon themselves and sacrifices they have to make.

(I do hope this conversation will happen in the movie. When (that’s right, when, because VAFamily will make sure the 1st movie beats box-office record for opening weekend!) they’ll start making other VA books into movies we’ll need that conversation.

While we are on it...
To make VA a commercial success we need to watch the movie as many times a possible on the premiere day (probably go to 2 or 3 showings) and then drag boyfriends/non-VA friends/parents/siblings/total strangers (but be careful with the last option) to the movies on February 15th and 16th which is considered opening weekend. I realize that money is an issue here – not everyone can afford to go see VA 5-7 times opening weekend. But you know what they say – where’s a will, there’s a way. Why not start thinking about February now? I personally did. Several years ago someone gave my younger sister a money box for her birthday but she didn’tt use it. So I thought – why not take over the doggy and make some use of this present? And I started saving money for VA tickets. Why not do the same? Take an old piggy bank, or a jar, or a glass container, or a shoe box, put a cool tag on it (mine is not cool at all) – and start collecting money to buy VA tickets. Whenever you have spare cash, no matter how small the sum is, put it in the box, make a smart investment into future VA movies :) For those of you on twitter, feel free to share photos of your money boxes holding cash to buy VA tickets under a #VATicketMoney hashtag. Ill do it right away. You’ll thank yourself when February comes, believe me!)

The doggy's sad because there's 5+ months till the premiere
  Now back to the book. Viktor brings up the story of Mikhail and Sonya who became a strigoi by choice (Lissa didn’t know about that). Mikhail was a guardian at the Academy two years ago and was in love with Sonya. When she turned strigoi, he went to hunt her down and kill but couldn’t find her. It makes Rose question whether she would be able to kill the person she loved.

Running into a Strigoi I knew during the heat of battle was one thing. Purposely hunting down someone...someone I'd loved. Well, I didn't know if I could do that, even if it was technically the right thing.

That’s one more hint at what might or might not happen in further books. It also indicates how much Rose will change within a short period of time, how mature and dedicated and wise she’ll become.

While shopping Lissa offers to buy Rose something and Rose doesn’t mind, though her choice of clothing really surprises Lissa.

"You've got three thermal shirts and a hoodie. You've gone all boring on me."

We are told that Rose started wearing her hair up which made Dimitri smile.

Rose reminiscences about what happened two years ago. Two days after Wade trashed his room Queen came to the academy and Rose, though being suspended, was allowed to attend the banquet. The two guardians escorting her to the lunch room told her that Sonya turned into a strigoi by killing her doctor and half the nurses and patients in the clinic.

We’ve seen a glimpse of that in the teaser, so at least one flashback to Sonya will be in the movie))

Now going back to previous analysis. Remember Rose’s arm in a sling during Lissa’s speech? Can this scene be a flashback to Queen’s visit two years ago? At that time Lissa’s family was already dead so she became a princess and probably was a favorite of Tatiana. That would explain why Dimka is not in this scene in the teaser (he’s not at the Academy yet) and Rose’s injury (she might’ve hurt her hand while trying to stop Wade from crushing objects in his room). It’s just a thought, though =)

 During the celebration Rose thinks about Sonya’s warning to get Lissa away from Academy and decides to act immediately. Lissa has to compel one of chauffers to hide them in the trunk to leave the school grounds.

The memory of all that fades as Lissa asks why Rose hasn’t told her about Sonya.

"You're worried I'm going to lose it. Are you worried I'll go Strigoi too?"
"No. No way. That was all her. You'd never do that."
"Even if I was crazy?"
"No," I said, trying to make a joke. "You'd just shave your head and live with thirty cats."

Rose joking. Again. Cute)) Here’s your Academy humor.

And then we come to THE DRESS!

"This is the dress you were born for. I don't care how practical you are now."
Made of silky black material, the dress was strapless and sleek, falling about to the knees. Although it had a slight flair at the hemline, the rest looked like it would definitely manage some serious clinging action. Super sexy. Maybe even challenge-the-school-dress-code sexy.
"That is my dress," I admitted. I kept staring at it, wanting it so badly that it ached in my chest. This was the kind of dress that changed the world. The kind of dress that started religions.

Rose doesn’t want to leave Lissa’s side to try it on but Lissa buys it for her friend anyway. Finally, at the jewelry shop they see a necklace with a rose pendant which turns out to be too expensive even for Lissa.

On their way back Rose asks Dimitri about the dress.

"Did you see that dress?"
"I saw the dress."
"Did you like it?"
He didn't answer. I took that as a yes.
"Am I going to endanger my reputation if I wear it to the dance?"
When he spoke, I could barely hear him. "You'll endanger the school."

Need. This. In. The. Movie.

Some fans were not happy with Rose’s dress in the teaser. Let’s consider a few things.

The dress is black and seems to be strapless. 

Remember that the movie had a budget (which Mark Waters said wasn’t that big). Would you rather have them spent money on a dress or on hiring good actors, filming at the school which looks like the Academy and having professionals working in post-production? 

Besides, take a look at other dresses. They are okay but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not the dress that matters but how Zoey could pull off being super-sexy and confident wearing it.

We’re back at the school. Rose fell asleep during the ride, her head on Dimka’s shoulder, his duster serving as a blanket. Sweet)

Lissa can’t wait to see Rose in the dress.

"I can't wait to see the dress."
"Me either. If they let me go. Kirova's still deciding if I've been good enough."
"Show her those boring shirts you bought. She'll go into a coma. I'm about ready to."

Well, isn’t Lissa funny? Rose is hopping from one bench to another and one of them gives way under her foot. She blacks out.

In Ch 18 Rose comes to and sees Dimka at her side. Her ankle is not broken nor bruised – a pure miracle. Dimitri mentions that while he was carrying her to the clinic, Rose was worrying about her training.

Man. I'd missed out on a lot. The only thing better than imagining Dimitri carrying me in his arms was imagining him shirtless while carrying me in his arms.

Well, Rose, I don’t blame you.

Dimka gives Rose Viktor's present for her first day as a guardian – the necklace with rose pendant. Dimitri has a present of his own – her favorite lip gloss.

"What's this for? For my first day?"
"No," he said simply. "Because I thought it would make you happy."

Doctor allows Rose to leave the clinic. Dimka says that Rose must have a guardian angel ‘cause she survived the car crash though, based on where she was seating, she should have died.  That sends Rose’s mind reeling. Dimitri adds that Lissa was with Rose at the clinic all that time and the girl realizes it was the princess who made all the injuries go away. And it was Lissa who didn’t let Rose die in the car crash by healing her.

Remembering the effect healing has on Lissa, Rose sneaks into her mind. Lissa is in the attic crying. Christian comes in and accidentally reveals that he didn’t talk to Lissa all that time because of Rose. Lissa explains to him that she hangs out with royal moroi to get back to Mia for starting rumors about Rose.

"Rose is tough. She would have gotten over it."
"You didn't see her," she replied obstinately. "She was crying."
"So? People cry. You're crying."
"Not Rose."
He turned back to her, a dark smile curling his lips. "I've never seen anything like you two. Always so worried about each other. I get her thing - some kind of weird guardian hang-up - but you're just the same."

Christian tells Lissa what’s the real reason for Mia’s hatred. Turns out she dated Lissa’s brother during her freshman year. Andre convinced her to keep the relationship a secret but soon got bored with her and ended things. Lissa doesn’t believe a word Christian says. He blames Rose and her for making Mia’s life miserable and Lissa dating a guy she doesn’t even like. The princess tries to protest, but Christian kisses her.

"That's what you do with someone you like."

Lissa asks him to leave and then starts crying. To get distracted from emotional pain she needs physical pain so she cuts her wrists, deeper than ever. Rose returns to her own mind and tells Dimka the truth about Lissa.

In Ch 19 Dimka and Alberta bring Lissa to the clinic. When Rose is allowed to visit her friend, Lissa instantly knows that Rose told the truth, though not all the truth. Princess fears that she’ll be taken away as Sonya was, but Rose promises it won’t happen. Lissa asks her to leave.

Dimka informs Rose that Lissa has to come to a school counselor every day and take some medications. Thank to a guy who was at the clinic during the night the rumor about Lissa being admitted spreads around the school. Nobody knows for sure what was wrong with the princess – some said she got the same disease Viktor had, some assumed she was there because of the abortion. Natalie thought Lissa tried to escape again and Rose stopped her. Well, one thing was clear to everyone – Lissa wasn’t speaking to Rose.

After class Mia offers Rose to think up a revenge plan against Lissa. She also promises to order Jesse and Ralph to say that they lied about having sex with Rose and drinking her blood. Rose says that she’ll rip Mia’s throat out if she tries to turn Rose against Lissa one more time.

Rose decides against going to the dance. When she comes back to her room after taking a shower, Mason is waiting for her in the hallway.

He wasn't exactly dressed up, but he also wasn't wearing jeans. It was a start.

Mason tells her that there’s a party at Eddie’s and they should check it out. Rose comes to the conclusion that there will be no royal moroi there and agrees to go. She also has a kind of revelation.

Why couldn't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why did I want my hot, older mentor - the mentor I'd probably end up getting fired?

(In the Russian edition of the book the second part goes like this, “the mentor who’ll end up being shot because of me.” Yeah, that’s a whole lot more dramatic, but I’d prefer translation to stay close to the text Richelle wrote)

Rose plans to get drunk at Eddie’s party because she doesn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on Lissa. On their way to the dance Mason and Rose run into Dimitri and Alberta (whose last name is Petrov (Petrova in Russian). It reminded me of Katerina Petrova from The Vampire Diaries. Just saying). Dimitri can’t look away from the dress.

At the dance Mason takes Rose to see Jesse and Ralph. The guys admit that they spread the rumor because Mia asked them to and they say they are sorry. Mason prompts them to continue and Jesse says that Mia slept both with him and Raplh.

That’s it with today’s chapters. I also want to start analyzing the dance scenes from the movie.

In the teaser we see Rose coming to the party with Lissa and Natalie which is obviously not like it happened in the book.

(There seems to be a guy standing behind Rose. Not the one in the black suit. The one in the grey suit. He also seems to have red hair. Can it be Mason? Cam does have a kind of forelock)


We also have this interesting picture (click to see a bigger image)

1) on your left – Natalie going somewhere (well, if you read the book and have seen the teaser, you might have an idea what she’s up to),
 2) on your right - guardians looking intimidating (pay attention to the trousers tucked into army boots. Cuteness overload!)

One more thing about the dance. Is it me or the DJ is not a Count Dracula, but a Countess?

That’s all for now.
The last part will include Ch 20-24 which are mind-blowing.

Se you soon!


P.S. Yesterday I read Mark’s interview where he mentioned the name of the school they chose to film at. Well, of course I googled it and looked at the images. It’s SOOOOO cool! And I noticed one particular picture which brought a lot of fangirling. You say you fangirled because of pictures of chairs and gates. I fangirled over a darn TREE!
Here, take a look at the pic of school.

Chapters 20-24

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      Yhe name of the school is Charter House School.

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